Precautions About African Swine Fever

    Losses from ASF(African swine fever) have been reported in Africa by South Africa (68) and in Europe, by Romania (1527), and Russia (99) in January.

    The data from OIE shows ASF is still continued to spread in many countries now.
(ASF) is not a danger to humans but kills domestic and wild pigs.There is no vaccine against it.
The virus is highly resistant in the environment and in pork products.Carelessness can spread the disease.

    So we need to know the following precautions:

  1. Declare any suspicious case (dead or alive) to the Veterinary Services.
  2. Do not carry pigs or pork products. If you do, declare them to the authorities
  3. When working in or visiting farms, respect biosecurity measures
  4. Do not visit pig farms in affected areas

    And the the most effective processing method of the infected pig with ASF is rendering plant.Sensitar animal waste rendering plant can help with the treatment of the infected pig and prevent from the spreading African swine fever.It is environmental,high-efficiency,sterilized.

    The standard production line is consist of raw material bin,crusher,Batch cooker,Oil press,Condenser,Air treatment system,Hammer mill,Packaging machine and Conveyors.All the machine can be equipped by customers’ requirement,a complete production line or a simple one just depend on all customers’ choice.


Post time: Feb-01-2021
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